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Because we have no staff, we review all of our own lab and diagnostic reports. If your results are abnormal, we will contact you for an appointment. We will not contact you if your results are normal.


We believe patients’ time is valuable, and endeavor to run on time. If you are more than 15 minutes late, you will have to rebook and a $100 charge will apply.


Some services (such as filling out insurance forms, class 1 drivers’ forms) are not insured by the Alberta Government, and require patient to pay directly, in cash please. Please see the ‘uninsured services’ section of the website of a list of prices, or discuss directly with your doctor.

Services not provided:

No doctors in the clinic prescribe opioids for non-cancer pain. As there is no hospital in Cochrane, we do not offer delivery of babies or admission to hospital. Each physician, at your meet and greet appointment, will review specifics of other services they do not provide.

Termination of patient-physician relationship:

We reserve the right to terminate the patient-physician relationship under the following circumstances: