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Uninsured Services

Uninsured services are services that the Alberta government does not pay doctors to perform. In these cases, patients pay 'out of pocket', in cash. We will provide you with a receipt. Following is a list of common uninsured services and the cost associated with each (as suggested by Alberta Medical Association).

Third-party requested services

Insurance Forms:
General insurance eligibility (examination and form completion) $200
Attending physician's statement (for insurance company) $200
Disability benefit report
Form completion only $100
Examination and form completion $200
Third party requested letters on patient attended $300

School/Work Forms:
Certification of fitness for school
Form completion only $50
Examination and form completion $100
School-requested forms and report $150
Sick note and examination $100
Pre-employment medical examination and report $200
Pregnancy leave and Employment Insurance forms $100

Medical Fitness Forms:
Certificate of fitness (summer camp, daycare, air travel etc.)
Form completion only $50
Examination and form completion $100
Seniors' residence medical report $60
Disabled parking authorization $40
Driver's medical examination and form completion $120

Alberta Motor Vehicle Insurance

Ranges from$80 to $120

Administrative Services

Transfer of medical chart to another physician's office minimum $20
Copy of medical records to a third party Fees vary
Medical-legal services Fees vary

Clinical Services

Uninsured office visits (no Alberta Health Care, or Quebec Health Care)
Meet and Greet $200
Regular appointment $150
Complete physical $200
Wart treatment, per treatment$10